Top 10 Eats In Halifax Under $10

The Other Bean.

The Other Bean.

In no particular order, here we go:

1) Sal’s Meatball Hero @ Salvatore’s Pizza - (5541 Young St.)                                    

You can’t go wrong with this meatball sandwich, unless of course you are a vegetarian. Go for the sandwich and go back a second and third time for the pizza. As much as these sandwiches are good, it’s the pizza that really gets them on the list, but you can’t get one for yourself for under that $10 mark, but you can always share.


2) Breakfast Burrito @ Dee Dee’s  - (5668 Cornwallis St)

There’s something about Dee Dee’s and it’s not just the ice cream. It’s amazing how many people haven’t ever tried a breakfast burrito; if you’re one of them I suggest you start with the best. Eggs, spicy friend potatoes, homemade salsa, you can even throw in some homemade Ratinaud breakfast sausage and still come in under $10 with a full belly.


3) Deluxe Burger @ Ace Burger Co. – (2605 Agricola St)

For a place that was only supposed to be around as long as pop ups are, these guys are holding strong in Gus’ pub slinging the best burgers you can find in this town. The classic burger is lighter on the stomach and the wallet but when you can top it off with PEI Cheddar and Bacon that was smoked next door why wouldn’t you? Weighing in at $9 even, this is a Halifax must eat.


4) Falafel Pita @ Tarek’s Café – (3045 Robie St.)

Pretty much everything these guys do will have you wanting to go back for more. To make you feel extra welcome they serve a snack size side of their amazing soup with every order. If you feel like a splurge, we highly suggest getting a bowl, or save some coin and forgo the falafel altogether for a large bowl of soup. There is no wrong at Tarek’s.


5) Ghetto Socks @ The Good Food Emporium – (2196 Windsor St.)

Avocado, Tomato and Cheddar cheese between two slices of homemade Struan bread? Yes please! These guys don’t have a website, it’s part of their charm, but you can always find them on Facebook @thegoodfoodemporium, add a bowl of homemade soup and you still won’t break the bank. Go for the food and stay for the company!


6) Fried Noodles @ Chenpapa – (1209 Marginal Rd.)

There isn’t much that’s cheap along the Halifax waterfront, but if you find yourself down there looking for something to eat, stop by the Halifax Seaport Market and try anything at Chenpapa, he’s always slinging noodles which you can get a very large serving of- veggie or pork for under $10.  Don’t forget to try a steam bun if you got some change leftover.


7) Hand Pie @ Humble Pie (77 King St)

Dartmouth is only a hop skip and ferry away from Halifax proper, and if you didn’t plan to make it over there already you really should to eat any one of the 9 pies on this menu. Any of them. They are all good, so go. Go now. Why are you still sitting here? There are pies to be eaten.


8) Poutine @ Willy’s Poutine  (5329 Blower’s St.)

You can’t have a proper Canadian food list that doesn’t include a poutine, and it doesn’t get much better than Willy’s. Fresh cut fries, real cheese curds from Québec, vegetarian gravy, what? Vegetarian gravy. Yup, there is a poutine option for the non meat eaters of the world, and the meat eaters wouldn’t even guess it.  Sometimes we add bacon, don’t judge.


9) Fish and Chips @ John’s Lunch (352 Pleasant St.)

John’s is a Halifax don’t miss. They’ve been battering up fish since 1966 and their fish has been called the best for almost as long. If you want to eat where the locals eat, this is your place. Usually they’re lined up at the door, but there’s always an empty seat at the bar where you can watch all the action happen. For 9.45 you can get yourself a 1-piece fish and chips.


10) The Enzo @ The Other Bean (6220 Quinpool Rd.)

The Other Bean is the place to go if you’re looking for a sandwich, the Enzo is just one of them. Pack full of mixed meats (Don’t ask…JK, you can ask), old cheddar, sprouts, banana peppers and garlic mayo, you’re sure to get a belly full. TOB works hard to source their ingredients locally, so no guilty footprints with this lunch.